Technology as an ENABLER, not a Complicator, for You & Your Drivers

Replacement parts need to be a good fit for you AND your drivers.

To keep up with evolving technology, truck parts need to be designed smarter. High quality, innovative parts keep drivers on the road and not stranded on the shoulder. It is especially vital for parts like the battery to be built smart. A battery not only brings the engine to life, but it keeps electronics running after the ignition is off. Fleets cannot run the risk of putting overcomplicated or unreliable technology in their trucks. They need stability and reliability with the necessary innovation to support new technology in trucks. Bottom line: batteries need to be sophisticated yet tough enough to get the job done.

Drivers need reliable batteries that are built to be as tough, or tougher, than the job. Battery failures and frequent replacements lead to more time stranded on the side of the road, more money out of your pocket, and even more stress. Giving drivers the highest quality parts shows that you are not only investing in the fleet, but that you are investing in them. Less repairs, breakdowns, and emergency situations show drivers that they are valued.

Fleet mechanics also benefit from having reliable, high quality parts. Frequent failures and replacements for parts like batteries add even more work to a mechanics already full plate. Having the right type of battery technology that extends life is like having additional preventative maintenance pre-built into your battery. Protecting the battery from the effects of things like heat and vibration prevents many future service problems or unexpected replacements, relieving busy mechanics from added stress.

The right parts can help both drivers and mechanics get the most out of their time and hard work and keep trucks up and running. For any fleet, that means smoother sailing down the road.

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