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Scheduling solutions to increase truck service productivity

Among the ways that fleet maintenance and service provider operations measure success, notes Renaldo Adler, industry principal for asset maintenance at Trimble Transportation, the one that often gets paid the most attention in the industry is the reduction of downtime.


Taking advantage of telematics and remote diagnostics

In conjunction with telematics services, remote diagnostics systems allow you to be proactive and to address issues on trucks more effectively.


How to tap VMRS codes’ full potential

Let’s dive into VMRS codes’ three primary levels, the aforementioned three, six and nine digits (read here). Three-digit codes provide the highest-level insight into an issue, such as which system is affected—engine, electrical, brakes, etc. Six-digit codes look at the assembly—the major components within the system, such as an alternator.


Using VMRS codes to improve truck service efficiency, productivity

Shop management technology can be a time saver for managers and technicians. In most operations these days, computer terminals, laptops and tablets are as common as the familiar tools used to work on vehicles. It is, however, the applications on those devices that provide true time and cost savings.


Integrated heavy-duty truck service data

Service data, remote diagnostics and keeping it all straight


Quick advice for integrating service data within your fleet

Cool quotables from the industry’s top minds