Keeping the tractor-trailer connection healthy

Connections are made all over the vehicles we service. For the most part, those connections are probably taken for granted until there is trouble.


PACCAR Parts Fleet Services celebrates 10 year anniversary

PACCAR Parts announced Dec. 23 that its Fleet Services program was celebrating its 10th anniversary.


Getting your truck service operation speaking the same language

API. It’s a confusing acronym for the even more confusing “application programming interface.” An API is the way that data communicates and integrates.


Six tips for balancing daily work loads on tight labor budgets

We all know the struggles of having to manage workload with a limited number of employees due to budget constraints. In the fleet maintenance environment, this can also arise due to the current technician shortages we are seeing across the nation.


Why truck winterization not finished in November

Many transportation fleets begin the process of preparing their trucks for winter in November, a process known as “winterizing.” However, the practice of winterizing your truck should take place all throughout the winter months, not just in November.


Shop profile: Kriete Truck Center—Madison

It takes a team to keep trucks moving smoothly through a shop facility and back onto the road, notes Shelley Oldenburg, medium-duty service manager at Kriete Truck Center—Madison.


Mirrors and cameras: Giving your fleet 20/20 vision

One of my favorite aspects about writing for Fleet Service Technology magazine is when someone from the trucking industry says they read the articles. That gives me the perfect opportunity to ask them, “What trends or new technologies are you seeing come out?”


Identifying, diagnosing transmission failure

Manual transmission noises are fairly straightforward to isolate. The sound a transmission makes as a failure unfolds can help the technician to determine the issue.


Scheduling solutions to increase truck service productivity

Among the ways that fleet maintenance and service provider operations measure success, notes Renaldo Adler, industry principal for asset maintenance at Trimble Transportation, the one that often gets paid the most attention in the industry is the reduction of downtime.


Clore announces new battery charger to support diesel engine module reprogramming

Clore Automotive has introduced model PL6800, a 12-volt 100A flashing power supply and 100/40/10A battery charger from SOLAR.


Are you ready to repair ADAS?

We’ve all heard the old adage, “no news is good news.” While that saying may sound encouraging, the logical part of our mind probably wonders what’s going on with the “no news” part.