Samantha Johnson drives efficient shop operations at Cumberland International Trucks

For Samantha Johnson, service manager at Cumberland International Trucks in Nashville, it’s all about communication.

Shop profile: National Fleet Management is meeting needs

For National Fleet Management’s Billy Black, a proactive approach is key to providing streamlined and effective service for customers.

Why many fleets are fed up with fees

Widespread fees for everything we pay for may explain why people are angry at dealers about seemingly high hourly costs for labor.


The joy of a finely tuned truck

A truck service technician is like the conductor, tuned into the truck’s performance with special knowledge about the systems on the vehicle. In fact, today’s trucks are much like a finely-tuned orchestra—when all the parts are working in unison, they are a joy to behold. However, when one component goes awry, well, things are not so enjoyable.


Traffic congestion affecting trucking costs

This is already a serious issue for the industry and will be an even greater issue soon if action isn’t taken to help with capacity issues.


Trending now: Heavy-duty service networks, aftermarket parts

These trends mean real time and real money for your fleet.


Milwaukee adds Packout Compact Tool Box

The Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System features a total of 20 different products for users to choose from, so that they can customize their storage unit.


Volvo Trucks dealer opens new facility

Volvo Trucks North America’s Hudson County Motors dealership has announced an expansion by relocating to a new Secaucus, New Jersey facility.


The right scan tools to tackle the truck service job

If you consider how many different vehicle configurations are on the road today it will give you an idea of how advanced diagnostic and repair solutions must be, notes Scott Bolt, director of product management at Noregon.


Kenworth Sales Co. – Rock Springs relocates to larger facility

Kenworth Sales Company – Rock Springs has announced that it has relocated to a larger parts and service facility of 15,000 square feet: double its former location.


Design Interactive introduces video calling program

Design Interactive Inc, a company focused on augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) training solutions for fleet personnel, venders and OEMs, recently announced the release of its program Remote Collaboration Video Calling (RCVC).