Keep your fleet running as efficiently as our engines.

With the Cummins® Guidanz™ mobile app, you can improve uptime of Cummins-powered fleets you service and increase the productivity in your service department. When used in conjunction with the Guidanz  INLINE™ Mini or INLINE 7 vehicle datalink adapters installed in your vehicles’ J1939 ports, the Guidanz mobile app can read prioritized fault codes and engine data, and track GPS location in case you need to retrieve a vehicle. 

You can do even more with the Immediate Assessment feature of the mobile app. Assess the service needed by your fleets’ Cummins engines while they are still on the road, begin work orders and estimate the time required to perform the repair. The Guidanz mobile app will even list the most likely root causes for the fault codes, reducing a technician’s diagnostic time.

The Guidanz mobile app makes scheduling repairs and resources more efficient in your service center. 

Improve vehicle uptime and overall service efficiency. To learn more about the Guidanz mobile app, please visit

This article was sponsored by Cummins.