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The joy of a finely tuned truck

A truck service technician is like the conductor, tuned into the truck’s performance with special knowledge about the systems on the vehicle. In fact, today’s trucks are much like a finely-tuned orchestra—when all the parts are working in unison, they are a joy to behold. However, when one component goes awry, well, things are not so enjoyable.


Identifying, diagnosing transmission failure

Manual transmission noises are fairly straightforward to isolate. The sound a transmission makes as a failure unfolds can help the technician to determine the issue.


Are you ready to repair ADAS?

We’ve all heard the old adage, “no news is good news.” While that saying may sound encouraging, the logical part of our mind probably wonders what’s going on with the “no news” part.


The ultimate solution to tech shortages and training needs?

What began as personal entertainment has morphed into truly practical tools for the fleet maintenance industry.


Greasing the clutch

What lube points might be easy to miss on automated manual transmissions?


Truck tire maintenance: all things being equal

A look at the service maintenance of tires for dual wheels and tandem axles.


Three inspections to prevent uneven brake wear

Ice, slush, and general muck on the roads take a significant toll on brakes and other exposed components.

Technician training text customers

Don’t Call the Customer–Text Them!

When shop managers are asked about their biggest pain points, difficulty communicating with customers most always comes up.

That tingling sensation: How driver discomfort can reveal areas of the truck in need of maintenance

Driver discomfort can be an important clue to potential issues, revealing areas of the vehicle in need of inspection and maintenance.