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Wheel bearings: Proper installation, verification

Fleets can take proactive measures to help avoid wheel bearing complications down the road.


Getting your truck service operation speaking the same language

API. It’s a confusing acronym for the even more confusing “application programming interface.” An API is the way that data communicates and integrates.


Six tips for balancing daily work loads on tight labor budgets

We all know the struggles of having to manage workload with a limited number of employees due to budget constraints. In the fleet maintenance environment, this can also arise due to the current technician shortages we are seeing across the nation.


Scheduling solutions to increase truck service productivity

Among the ways that fleet maintenance and service provider operations measure success, notes Renaldo Adler, industry principal for asset maintenance at Trimble Transportation, the one that often gets paid the most attention in the industry is the reduction of downtime.


Inventory management ideas for lowering costs

With repair and maintenance being a substantial portion of a fleet’s overall costs, it is important to take certain steps to reduce those costs in your shops wherever possible. In “An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: 2018 Update” ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute) reported that repair and maintenance averaged $0.167 cost per mile for 2017. This represents 9.8% of the total operational costs ATRI received survey data for that year. It is also the number five operational cost for that same year.


Controlling shop operating expenses with parts management

Streamlining parts inventory management can have a positive effect on your bottom line. It can optimize parts inventories and lower costs, and return vehicles to service faster by boosting technician productivity and reducing downtime.


The benefits of invoicing software

Everyone wants to get paid, right?


Leveraging parts inventory solutions to keep your heavy-duty shop organized

A well-organized shop is a well-run one, and one of the ways a well-run shop can set itself apart is


The importance of ALI certification for heavy-duty lifts

We asked members of the Automotive Lift Institute about how ALI certification for heavy-duty lifts is earned, and why this is important.


Seven steps to heavy-duty truck lift safety

A heavy-duty shop can be a dangerous place. And that’s especially true when there’s a 25,000-plus-lb. vehicle over your head.