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Heavy-duty truck electrical maintenance tips and procedures

According to Kyle O’Dell, engineering manager at Optronics International, wiring and harness problems usually come in three identifiable categories, each with its own signs and troubleshooting procedures:

Truck battery care and maintenance tips

To avoid a battery explosion, never attempt to charge a frozen battery. Allow it to warm up to room temperature before placing on charge.


Tips for reducing DOT roadside inspection violations

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)’s International Roadcheck last year indicated that more than one of every five trucks receiving comprehensive Level I inspections were removed from service. While this number seems high (21.6%), it was actually an improvement from the previous year, when 23% of trucks were taken out of service.


Data opportunities for trucks are limitless

The trucking industry is buzzing with excitement over the progression of the connected truck to the intelligent vehicle. People of many different professions are seeing the possibilities and as a professional information technologist, I’m heartened by the enthusiasm.


How to ensure long truck tire tread life

Proven tire maintenance practices go a long way toward extending tread life on fleet vehicles. Phil Mosier, Cooper Tire’s manager of commercial tire development, points out that maintaining proper inflation pressures is the best thing a shop manager can focus on to ensure long-lasting and even-wearing tires.

Service improvement: Where’s the low-hanging fruit?

The service jobs your shop tackles may differ from those of the fleet next door, but there’s likely one commonality between those brave enough to run their own service operation: preventative maintenance. Looking for easy wins to improve your service throughput and minimize unplanned downtime? Start there.


How electrical system reliability impacts aftertreatment performance

Proper maintenance leads to long battery life and less downtime.


When it comes to profitability, service is the name of the game in trucking

There are many options when it comes to caring for your fleet, regardless of size.


That run-down feeling: Dealing with diesel APU issues

It is worth the time to make APU service a regular part of maintenance.


Safety system service issues

Identifying brake component wear
trends, training technicians and implementing best practices leads to
increases in uptime and lower costs