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Detailing heavy-duty truck diagnostics solutions

Seth Skydel covers multiple scan tools provided by different companies.

Why many fleets are fed up with fees

Widespread fees for everything we pay for may explain why people are angry at dealers about seemingly high hourly costs for labor.


Trending now: Heavy-duty service networks, aftermarket parts

These trends mean real time and real money for your fleet.


Mirrors and cameras: Giving your fleet 20/20 vision

One of my favorite aspects about writing for Fleet Service Technology magazine is when someone from the trucking industry says they read the articles. That gives me the perfect opportunity to ask them, “What trends or new technologies are you seeing come out?”


How artificial intelligence can help reduce truck maintenance and repair costs

It’s easy to think that the transportation fleet industry is advancing at light-speed, especially when you consider how much technological advancement has disrupted the way fleets operate today compared to just five or ten years ago.


A truck service success story

Atlas Trucking relied on third-party service providers until about four years ago when the fleet decided to take its service matters into its own hands.


How to tap VMRS codes’ full potential

Let’s dive into VMRS codes’ three primary levels, the aforementioned three, six and nine digits (read here). Three-digit codes provide the highest-level insight into an issue, such as which system is affected—engine, electrical, brakes, etc. Six-digit codes look at the assembly—the major components within the system, such as an alternator.


Using VMRS codes to improve truck service efficiency, productivity

Shop management technology can be a time saver for managers and technicians. In most operations these days, computer terminals, laptops and tablets are as common as the familiar tools used to work on vehicles. It is, however, the applications on those devices that provide true time and cost savings.


Battling trailer electrical system service issues

“Combating trailer electrical system corrosion is both a seasonal and a year-round preventive maintenance item.”


Heavy-duty truck noise, vibration diagnosis

Vehicle noises and vibration can be a big challenge for service technicians.