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Milwaukee adds Packout Compact Tool Box

The Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System features a total of 20 different products for users to choose from, so that they can customize their storage unit.


Clore announces new battery charger to support diesel engine module reprogramming

Clore Automotive has introduced model PL6800, a 12-volt 100A flashing power supply and 100/40/10A battery charger from SOLAR.


Identifying, addressing issues associated with brake fade

Among the vehicle issues that drivers may bring to your attention, it is probable that you’ve heard complaints about brakes that require more input than usual to achieve the same stopping performance. What they’re describing is brake fade, notes Tony Ryan, SAF-Holland’s technical service and training manager.


How augmented reality can improve your service reality

You’re already using augmented reality. Every time you turn a football game on TV, augmented reality shows you the first down marker, the line of scrimmage and the yardage your team has to move the ball. Today’s heavy-duty service training solutions bring that same enhanced view of your shop to your lineup of technicians.


Can you convert your diesel truck to electric in the aftermarket?

Heavy-duty truck electrification is shaping up to be the next big frontier of trucking emissions and mileage efficiency. In 2018, electric or hybrid electric (EV or HEV) trucks were ordered by large fleets that could afford to take the gamble of entering the market early.


Alignment systems are getting upgrades

As vehicle systems advance, so do the maintenance methods. Recalibration of sensor systems is one of the trickiest elements of advanced vehicle technologies on trucks and equipment.

Truck tire inflation made easy

Keeping tires inflated to the proper pressure helps to improve tire life, fuel mileage and vehicle safety. Obviously, there are a good number of tires to check and maintain on a tractor and trailer. It takes time to check and balance the air pressure on 18 or more wheels.


Advanced safety features are keeping drivers and roads safer

From brakes and tires to stability control and lane departure systems, safety technology today has made our truck drivers and roads safer.


A natural gas truck maintenance refresher

It’s all about the differences.


One-box aftertreatment could mean fewer service issues

This single-can solution incorporates advanced DPF technology