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Bringing intelligence to fault codes

The multitude of sensors on today’s trucks provide a bigger operation picture that informs the fault code analysis coming from your service solution providers.


Traffic congestion affecting trucking costs

This is already a serious issue for the industry and will be an even greater issue soon if action isn’t taken to help with capacity issues.


The right scan tools to tackle the truck service job

If you consider how many different vehicle configurations are on the road today it will give you an idea of how advanced diagnostic and repair solutions must be, notes Scott Bolt, director of product management at Noregon.


Why truck winterization not finished in November

Many transportation fleets begin the process of preparing their trucks for winter in November, a process known as “winterizing.” However, the practice of winterizing your truck should take place all throughout the winter months, not just in November.


New trucks will redefine the role of service technicians

It’s no secret that a technician shortage is plaguing the fleet transportation industry about as much as the driver shortage. According to the American Trucking Associations, there is a driver deficit of roughly 60,800 today, and that number could top 160,000 over the next decade. For technicians, the need is just as great. According to the Department of Labor, approximately 67,000 technicians are needed to replace retired workers, and 75,000 new mechanics will need to be added to meet demand by 2022.


Taking advantage of telematics and remote diagnostics

In conjunction with telematics services, remote diagnostics systems allow you to be proactive and to address issues on trucks more effectively.


Making OEM connections within your platform

Equipment data is of no use to your shop if it’s behind a dashboard you never log into.


The path to paperless

Paperless maintenance management systems can save administrative time.


SVI: The most important acronym for truck data

SVI scares vehicle makers because it allows for the transfer of data at the discretion of the vehicle owner.


How to address excessive idling during peak summer months

On top of the expanded fuel costs and environmental harm caused, engine idling also increases wear and tear on engine components and can lead to costly aftertreatment expenses.