Traffic congestion affecting trucking costs

This is already a serious issue for the industry and will be an even greater issue soon if action isn’t taken to help with capacity issues.


Six tips for balancing daily work loads on tight labor budgets

We all know the struggles of having to manage workload with a limited number of employees due to budget constraints. In the fleet maintenance environment, this can also arise due to the current technician shortages we are seeing across the nation.


Inventory management ideas for lowering costs

With repair and maintenance being a substantial portion of a fleet’s overall costs, it is important to take certain steps to reduce those costs in your shops wherever possible. In “An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: 2018 Update” ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute) reported that repair and maintenance averaged $0.167 cost per mile for 2017. This represents 9.8% of the total operational costs ATRI received survey data for that year. It is also the number five operational cost for that same year.


Advanced safety features are keeping drivers and roads safer

From brakes and tires to stability control and lane departure systems, safety technology today has made our truck drivers and roads safer.


How to address excessive idling during peak summer months

On top of the expanded fuel costs and environmental harm caused, engine idling also increases wear and tear on engine components and can lead to costly aftertreatment expenses.


Advanced software and analytics can help audit and interpret VMRS

Advanced software with maintenance analytics can help organize the entries and interpret the data for better decision-making.


How technology provides better visibility into tire scrap analysis

Tire programs should consist of a monthly tire scrap analysis to learn valuable information on the fleet, as well as identify unnecessary expenses to subpar tire casings.