Trending now: Heavy-duty service networks, aftermarket parts

These trends mean real time and real money for your fleet.


Mirrors and cameras: Giving your fleet 20/20 vision

One of my favorite aspects about writing for Fleet Service Technology magazine is when someone from the trucking industry says they read the articles. That gives me the perfect opportunity to ask them, “What trends or new technologies are you seeing come out?”


Can you convert your diesel truck to electric in the aftermarket?

Heavy-duty truck electrification is shaping up to be the next big frontier of trucking emissions and mileage efficiency. In 2018, electric or hybrid electric (EV or HEV) trucks were ordered by large fleets that could afford to take the gamble of entering the market early.


Alignment systems are getting upgrades

As vehicle systems advance, so do the maintenance methods. Recalibration of sensor systems is one of the trickiest elements of advanced vehicle technologies on trucks and equipment.


SVI: The most important acronym for truck data

SVI scares vehicle makers because it allows for the transfer of data at the discretion of the vehicle owner.


The tire pressure question

What system is best – ATIS or TPMS?


The ultimate solution to tech shortages and training needs?

What began as personal entertainment has morphed into truly practical tools for the fleet maintenance industry.


Ever have trouble getting repair information?

File a Service Information Request.


Go from good to great with integrated fleet maintenance software

Integrated fleet software should be more than just a dot on a map.